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THE LION. An epic collection of 9 songs and 7 instrumentals, mixed at The Wilco Loft in Chicago and featuring a special appearance from legendary trombonist Roswell Rudd. Released in 2016. Available here!

TYPOE. 10 songs handpicked by the production team of Meyer Horn and Rod Sherwood ... from finger style guitar ballads to Beatles inspired chamber pop. Released in 2013. Available soon.

100 SONGS. Crazy but true. 100 (actually 101) songs representing a full decade of songwriting and recording. A treasure trove. A cornucopia. Released in 2010. Available soon.

Ivan's Dream Band. Featuring the early classics I'm in NY and Roll On, a 12 song showcase for Ivan's poetic folk/rock. Released in 2000. Available here.

Paprika and Uranium Buzz. Moody, quirky folk songs recorded straight to 2-inch tape in a barn in Kerhonkson, NY. Released in 1998. Available here.

Ivan Rubenstein-Gillis. Self-titled solo debut captures Ivan's early NYC band at their best. With ferocious fiddle, funky folk-rock and 17 dynamic tracks. Released in 1996. Available here.

Ivan has also produced albums for other artists!

Roswell Rudd - Trombone For Lovers. A spectacular collection of American standards from the legendary trombonist. Featuring John Medeski, Bob Dorough, The NYC Labor Chorus and other luminaries. Released on Sunnyside Records in 2013 to rave reviews. Available here.

Roswell Rudd - The Incredible Honk. IRG produced the lead track, Feeling Good, a tribute to Nina Simone. Released on Sunnyside Records in 2011. Available here.

Lexy Casano - My favorite songs. The dynamic cabaret artist interprets a baker's dozen of her best-loved songs. Released in 2013. Available by request.

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